e-Commerce Marketing

We help you convert tons of data gathered from various reliable online & offline sources into meaningful insights that can generate leads, boost conversions and increase sales.

Get in-depth analyses, unlock higher conversion rates and generate more leads for your business with actionable insights from your web analytics.

Unravel the numbers behind E-Commerce

Leverage trends, anticipate market dynamics and gain insights into the ever-changing consumer behavior with in-depth analysis of your e-commerce sales performance, customer shopping & purchase behavior, product performance, internal & external effort performance (e.g. Coupon or affiliate code) and product attribution. Leverage the story behind the numbers.

customer behaviour

Dynamic segmentation

From customers who opened an email in the past week to first time website visitors who did not make any purchase, we continuously update your customer segments on-the-go and with real-time data. 

Understand your website visitors & experience

Use data from trusted sources to gain insight into your web visitors’ behaviors and how they interact with your website and products.

Learn how user experience affects your website, use real data to make user-oriented improvements and rank higher on search engines. Enhance your website’s user experience.

Convert online campaigns into offline sales

Turn targeted online campaigns and promotions into walk-in traffic into your store that drives sales. We use advanced tracking and consumer data to transform online users into repeat offline customers. Turn clicks online, to sales offline.

All your data in one place

See all your organic and paid ad campaign data on a custom Google Data Studio reporting dashboard. Make data-driven decisions in one glance.

Tap the borderless market. Promote your business in China.

Reach the right customers in China through our new one-stop ecommerce solution that includes advertising on Chinese platforms such as WeChat, Baidu and QQ, development of mini programs, performance analytics, cross border payment integration and shipping support. 

Where science meets art

Our core strategies, concepts and practices are firmly rooted in data, creativity, past learning and behavioral science.


We leverage the versatility and talent in our team to help your business balance the creativity of art with the intricacies of science to uncover novel ideas & deliver results for your campaigns.


Industry certified. International standards

When you partner with Bricks & Clicks to enhance your e-commerce marketing or any other digital marketing initiatives, you’re choosing to work with a team of highly motivated and industry certified performance marketers. Bricks & Clicks is also a finalist of the Advertising + Marketing’s Agency Of The Year and Marketing Excellence Awards.


International standards, professional results.


Success is our story. With our help, success can be your story too. Set up a free consultation session with our digital strategist today.

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