Lead generation is Marketing 101. It is relatively easy to obtain a lot of leads, and fast, but how confident can you be of the quality? If you’ve not been hitting your targets, then maybe it’s time to pause and modify your marketing tactics to enhance the quality of your leads.

Over the years, we’ve heard of our peers’ struggles as well as encountered a few issues of our own in regard to the lead quality of digital marketing campaigns. This is not unheard of — even Facebook recognised the issue thus prompting them to introduce several new features to improve the overall lead quality for their advertising partners.

Lead quality is influenced by various factors, such as ineffective sales follow-up process, but for the purposes of this article, we will only focus on the paid ad campaign approaches that we have tested and found effective in improving lead quality.

Let’s dive in.

1. Develop a full funnel strategy

Throughout the years, we have assisted many clients with developing & implementing full-funnel strategies. Structuring paid ad campaigns even on a single platform such as Facebook Ads, and in accordance to every stage of the marketing funnel, will enable you to get better quality leads.

Before you implement a complete funnel strategy, make sure you are clear on the success metrics to look out for different stages. You must be willing to allocate a substantial budget to see results.


2. Balance convenience and effort

You may not know it yet, but one of the unique features of Facebook’s lead form is it needs less effort to complete a form. That’s because specific information is automatically filled in on your behalf. The drawback of this feature is it raises the number of low quality leads too.

We discovered that finding the perfect number of default questions and custom question fields in a single Facebook lead form helps to get relevant leads. You should be mindful of the overall number of questions asked in a single form. Remember that too many questions may result in a high form incompletion or drop off rate.


3. Add qualifying copies

Another tip we found practical in filtering the quality from the non-quality pool of leads is adding qualifying copies in campaign assets like landing pages, captions, and visuals. Our team experienced getting a handful of real but not qualified inquiries for our real estate related generation campaigns. We successfully addressed the matter by adding a monthly mortgage repayment amount in our ads. That helped us reach out to interested and qualified buyers only.


4. Refine your targeting

Having the proper targeting setup will help you enhance your quality of leads. For instance, we leverage on Facebook and Instagram ads’ narrow audience feature to allow us to reach a niche customer segment that our client wants. One such segment focuses on followers of competitor brands AND of specific interests.


5. Don’t forget the long-tail keywords!

Based on our experience over the years, the quality of leads generated from search campaigns is generally higher than other digital marketing methods. Moreover, search terms containing more than 4 words contributed to most of the leads and conversions. This is likely due to the fact that users who are actively searching for a certain product or service clearly have a higher intent to purchase.

By gradually increasing your search campaign focus on long-tail keywords, you’ll increase the likelihood of acquiring better quality leads.


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